Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Oh what a beautiful day! Warm bliss. I have been out with Toddler, and a friend of mine with her toddler, looking around the lovely gardens of Compton Acres in Poole, Dorset. Wonderful. Toddler is a bit tired now though. Grumpy when he gets tired. Oh well... Just got an email from the NHS re the new blog. I am going to set it up really soon, and keep a link to it on here. It will be more about the illness, my reflections on the recovery process and so on. Although when I say the illness, I don't mean schizophrenia, because I don't believe in it as you know. I think mental illness should be a general term, encompassing everything including depression, the aim being to diminish stigma as much as possible. Maybe under a kinder sounding umbrella than mental illness actually - nervous disability? Mind trauma? Anyway, more very soon. x.

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