Sunday, 10 April 2011


Hi everyone Sorry about the lack of recent posts. I have been meaning to set up the new blog and not quite got around to it... Haven't done much writing at all as it happens. Been out and about a lot in the last little while. Am still distracted by the whole memoir thing - waiting to hear from the agent. It has been four weeks now. They said you could expect to hear within six weeks - I phoned last Monday and they said the wait is actually six to eight weeks at the moment... Still, I suppose no news is good news. Have still not figured out how to sort out this blog so the paragraphs separate. I seem to be on a go-slow. Suffering from brain drain. Or should that be, drain brain? Maybe the sunshine has gone to my head. Anyway, watch this space. I am going to set up the NHS blog RIGHT NOW. Back shortly with the link. x

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