Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mother's Day

Hi all Still waiting to hear from NHS choices re the new blog. I haven't written on here for a few days, because I was hanging on for them... Also because I am fed up of the way this blog inexplicably keeps re-forming itself as a single paragraph when I post it. Seems as though the NHS blog people might need some chasing. Yet another thing to add to the list for next week. The list is too long already. Next week is my last week before the kids are off for Easter, so I really should get my head down to some work. But I have committments at school - watching Easter Bonnet parades for a start. And there are friends who need my help just now - I can't say no to their need for company, although I really would like to just finish the memoir. Am really close now. Will be nice to shut the door on it. Anyway, now it looks as though Toddler has a chest infection - hubby is with him at the out of hours doctor now. In which case, I won't have much free time at all next week. But Toddler is too important to take any chances with. I would rather have no free time at all than take any risks with any of the children's health. Which brings me to the point of this post - that I am so grateful to have had my children. All the years of loneliness, and illness, up until I met hubby, all of the struggles, have been worthwhile. They have helped me so much, given me something to aim for and hope for. They are my reward for persevering when times have been hard. Maybe this is a bit sentimental, but then it is Mother's Day, so I am entitled to a little outpouring of sentiment. I so hope this doesn't bunch up into a single paragraph as the last couple of posts did - but I am almost sure that it will. So I have tried to keep it brief. So long for now. X.

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