Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hair and Mental Health

Hi Doesn't having your hair done make you feel one hundred per cent better? On an ordinary day, I mean, not if you are ill or anything. My mobile hairdresser has just left - she is lovely, although I always end up talking too much when she is here - she is such a good listener. And she does my hair really nicely. Top lady. By the way, I am wondering whether people aren't finding what they need on this blog these days. It is more about my day to day life now, and not so much about schizophrenia - although I am hoping that people will take comfort in the fact that I have recovered to the extent that mental illness is not so much an issue for me now. You can always look at the older posts, for more information about my illness and recovery. Although there are so many of them that it would probably mean quite a trawl through. So I am thinking about setting up a blog on NHS Choices - they have a section for blogs on mental illness. I think a new blog might help me to focus better on the task at hand - of helping all of you who have been referred to this site from Rethink, to gain from my understanding of the illness (an understanding I have gained in the almost twenty-five years since I was diagnosed, and which centres around the fact that the label of schizophrenia itself is unhelpful and misleading, or certainly has been for me). Anyway, I am waiting to hear back from the NHS site, and when I do I will get the new blog set up and link to it here. I will try and make the posts briefer, and more focused on the subject of mental health, rather than the subject of me. In the meantime, please keep reading! x.

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  1. Really, really annoying me now, this paragraph re-arranging thing. I do like space in between paragraphs. Apologies again. x