Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Still at it

Hi Guys

This is cutting edge stuff to me - but I am well aware that it may sound tedious to anyone else. Yeah, she's writing a lot, good for her...and what else?

Sorry, but it's my blog, and it is really exciting for me. I was up until 1 am in the end, fiddling with the ms. Well, I say fiddling, but it was rather more drastic than that - I started with 107,000 words and ended up with 85,000. If I hadn't finally gone to bed, Hubby would have got up this morning to find me in the kitchen manically staring at a blank screen, my book edited into the ether.

Today is Toddler's day off play school, but he obligingly announced that he really really wanted to go to school. Honestly, no pressure from me. Hubby was sighing deeply when I gave in to Toddler's whim, but I was pleased. I like our days off normally, but not having slept much, I wanted to rest a bit, and also go to Sainsburys. We are pretty much out of groceries.

So I got home from dropping off Toddler, sat down for a cup of tea, turned on the computer to check my email...and three hours later, having worked on a few more chapters, had to dash out to play school to collect him.

I did play with him when he got home, and gave him a bath and we watched TV together. Out of guilt. But once the others were home from school I started tapping again....somehow found time to shove fish fingers and chips in the oven, so the kids have been fed. Now Hubby is home and I have retired to the bedroom to write again. He is being very patient with all this.

It is like the Forth Bridge - I edit huge chunks, chapters on end, then scroll down to find ever more huge unedited chunks. I thought about printing it up to get an overview, which might help with the process - but it would use up all the ink and all the paper in the house.

Anyway, I will definitely get more sleep tonight, to avoid the onset of madness. Because I do need my eight hours.

I just can't believe how long this is all taking. It feels like forever. I must have done a week's worth of work in the last five or six days, and I am not even half way there.

Anyway. I hope this memoir business is not too tedious. If it is, skip it. I will soon be back to normality and posting in my usual hazy and haphazard, but hopefully helpful, way.

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