Tuesday, 22 March 2011


You can tell the state of my brain by the titles of these posts - Tuesday, indeed. Staggeringly unimaginative.

Amazingly, I think I may be nearing the end of this memoir, once and for all. Just a few more days work, possibly. Wow. Though, I suppose if the agent does get in touch I may have to think again, if she advises amendments or even a re-draft. If she doesn't get in touch though, it is pretty much finished as far as I am concerned.

If that happens, then I will send the file to one or two people who I can trust to give me impartial advice (yikes, where will I find those people?). Then either contact Mind or Rethink re publication, or send it to more agents. Or contact the one who was interested all those years ago. Or self-publish.

Whichever way, I need to get it out there now. Because then I can't waste another six months revising it, either now or in ten years time. I really need to move on.

Anyway. Had an unpleasant experience in the car this morning. I had popped into town to do a few chores, and was heading home. I turned a corner. Saw a car coming the opposite direction. The road was too narrow for us both. SO I kept going - because there was nowhere to pull in, cars parked all down my side of the road. Half way up there was space to pull in.

But. The car coming the other way didn't slow, or stop. So I couldn't reach the pulling in space before him. No point reversing, nowhere to pull into. Obviously. He was an old man, really nasty, really angry, yelling at me, 'Couldn't you see me coming?' Well, yes. But couldn't he see I had nowhere to stop and let him by? I didn't try to argue, he was angry out of proportion to the situation and so he was probably a bit dangerous, and certainly not worth trying to reason with.

I couldn't help but be upset though. He obviously had to back up a bit so I could pull over, and he was gone. No harm done. But meeting unpleasant indiuviduals leaves a nasty taste. It left me reflecting that the maddest people in society are often the ones who have never set foot in a mental hospital.

Although maybe he had. Who knows?

All the best to you all, anyway. I'm fine now. Just fine. x

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