Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wrting here, writing there

Hi Guys

Oh my goodness. I am in the throes of writing now. It is fab - the ideas keep coming. I am working on the memoir constantly. Changing a lot of it into the present tense so it is more immediate. Taking out a lot of twaddle. Picking out a lot of new stuff to write about that wasn't in the original book.

It is enjoyable. I feel a real sense of achievement, although in a way I am just fiddling. There is a vast section in the middle that I badly need to tackle - part re-written, part not, all tangled. It is my teenage years, which are probably not worth trying to make sense of as a whole anyway, but I would like it to be lucid enough to be readable.

So I keep ploughing on. I must have written for ten hours yesterday - I also cooked dinner and hoovered somehow, and put away the vast mountain of washing that has accumulated over the last week or so. I seem to be better at washing and drying the stuff than getting around to putting it back in the cupboards.

I have done almost three hours writing this morning since I took the kids to school. I stopped just now, wolfed down a tuna sandwich and half a box of Pringles without really tasting them, and now my tea is getting cold while I type this.

I have ignored my cold, which is nearly gone now. It was a bad one, but I have been so busy I have not allowed myself to notice it. Probably being in the Zone so much of the time has helped it to dissipate faster than usual.

What I really must do now is go for a lovely calming walk with the dog. It is a beautiful day out there. I have one more hour before I have to collect Toddler from play school. What I want to do is keep writing.

If I keep this up (and I really can't stop myself at the moment) I will have a finished book very soon (so even if the agent I sent it to isn't interested, I can send it elsewhere).

But I must not let myself get burned out. Other people can afford to stay up all night when the muse gets them, churning out page after page of poetry or prose. I have stay sane enough to devote myself to my wonderful family during the day. Last night I was dreadful - had a shower at about eleven then sat down to write again afterwards, because I was still buzzing and didn't want to lose any of the thoughts that had come to me in the shower. Still went to bed before twelve though.

Music group for Toddler today after play school. Then when the others finish school, Toddler's Big Brother has to be dropped off for a play date, and then the girls taken to their piano lessons. So I will put away the computer now until this evening.

Maybe just a quick tweak of the ms first...


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