Monday, 28 March 2011

The Con-Artist

Hi again Do weird things just happen to me? I was on my way to collect Toddler on Friday last week, and an old lady waved me over. She was walking, I assumed she wanted directions. I stopped the car. She seemed very shaky. 'Will you take me to my house?' she asked. 'Please, dear. I live just down that way'. I explained politely that I was late to collect Toddler, she was very nice about it. I drove off. But I couldn't help watching her in my rear-view mirror. She was wobbly, tired-looking, very old. I felt guilty. So I stopped again, and we set off to her 'home'. 'Where do you live, exactly?' I questioned her on our way, anxious not to be late for Toddler. 'Is it near the park? By the fish and chip shop?' 'Where I live, dear' she kept replying, 'Just down here'. I began to think she had escaped from a nursing home. Then she said, 'Just pull in here, where that car is coming out'. So I did - and blow me down, she 'lives' in the Working Mens Club. She had the bare-faced cheek to walk up the ramp into the building (thanking me effusively before she left). The old lady was a con artist, who had basically wanted a lift to the pub! I had to chuckle as I drove off. It reminded me of a similar trick that my Dad had pulled when we were young. He conned a guy into giving us a lift to a restaurant - we three kids in the back of the car, my Dad in the front. We were mortally embarrassed, but also overcome by the giggles... The whole story is in the memoir, of course. And if anybody is wondering what happened to that, I am fine-tuning it now. I think it is more or less done, but I want to make sure before I send it anywhere. Haven't heard back from the agent - but then they undertake to reply within six weeks and it has only been two so far... Wonder if it is too early for a phone call to chase things up? Probably should resist until the manuscript is 100% completed. Hope all of you are well and happy, and enjoying the wonderful weather. x

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  1. By the way, I wrote this post properly spaced - but for some reason it came out as one clumpy paragraph. I have tried to change it, but it annoyingly clumped itself up again. Grrr! Sorry this makes it hard to read - I will try again to sort it out later. Meanwhile, I have to go now, to walk the dog, do the washing, etc etc.