Friday, 18 March 2011

I'm Whacked...


Getting a bit worried now. On 72,500 words. Still editing large passages, still have ever larger passages to edit. I suppose the problem, is the book I have written would take maybe ten solid hours for someone to read (this is a wild guess). SO when I am working on it, it is hard to keep an overview in my mind of where I am in the story.

And this is the story of my own life! How on earth does anyone manage to keep on top of things if they are writing a novel? Well, I suppose the fact that there are so many brilliant novels out there show that it can be done, so I will keep ploughing on...

I wrote for three hours again today, when Toddler was at play school. He went in as a pirate, for Comic Relief, though I had to bribe him with sweets before he let me put the costume on. He's not silly, that one.

The annoying thing about this morning is that I forgot to go to a really important appointment. Don't know how I managed that. I don't feel fully awake - I am struggling with the aftermaths of my cold, still full of phlegm and starting to cough. Guess I should give the writing a rest for the weekend - but I know I won't.

I turned on the computer this afternoon when I knew I shouldn't, and soon got sucked in. It was pretty weird, because after a couple of hours Granny (my Mum) popped in to see the kids. I had just been writing about how it was growing up with an alcoholic mother, then I am faced with her current incarnation - sweet-faced Granny, showing up as usual with bags of crisps for the kids.

Oh well. If I can't resist tapping away this weekend, at least I will be able to concentrate properly while Hubby watches the kids - if he doesn't mind doing that again. Maybe just for a few hours on each day. Gotta be finished sooner or later, the number of hours I have been putting in.

Anyway, I'm really aware that a lot of people reading this will have come over from Rethink and will be wondering why on earth they have bothered. At the moment this seems more like a journal than anything else. SO I will be watching that...

Bye for now. x

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