Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday morning

Hi Guys

Well, I have not started on the memoir yet this morning - having the day off yesterday gave me the opportunity to calm down about it, which is definitely a good thing. I did have a quick peek last night - only fiddled with it for half an hour or so though.

So far this morning, apart from getting all the kids dressed, breakfasted and so on and sorting their packed lunches, I have been quite relaxed. I walked the dog down by the sea, as usual. The beach was lovely - there was a mist on the horizon which made it hard to tell where the sea ended and the sky began. The sun was sparkling off the water. Several Labs were having a swim, but not my soppy animal. She was too busy trying to dig up dead fish or crabs legs or whatever it is she scavenges down there.

The dog is quite well behaved these days. She has an annoying habit of jumping at me, because she wants to get at the treats I am carrying. She still hasn't worked out that it's counter-productive - that she will not get a treat if she jumps. What is worse is that she sometimes jumps at passers-by - the majority are dog lovers which is fine, but some people get snotty (I don't blame them, I wouldn't like to be jumped at by a wet, sandy and hairy little monster if I was all dressed up). And sometimes she jumps at kids, which is really awful.

But she is getting better - always comes if I call her, so generally now I can call her to me before she jumps on someone. And it is her one bad habit.

Anyway, this may not be relevant to anyone except me so it is probably best if I shut up now.

All the best. x.

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