Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Bumper Week!

Hello out there

I admit it, I have found the last few days stressful.  Enjoyable, but stressful.  Part of the problem is the relentless publicity campaign that I have foisted upon myself.  I was encouraged by re-reading the book and realising that at a distance it is better than I remembered (this not not spin, I promise) and also because I realised that if I want to be a professional writer it seems that I will have to engage in marketing.  And I do want to be a professional writer.  Although I still can't help wishing that I could hand the marketing side over to somebody else, thus freeing myself to write.  It is all still early days though - I am sure things will settle down into a routine soon.

Anyway, it has also been a good week - things seem to be turning out well.  Fingers tightly crossed.

And, as I have to keep reminding myself, it is not just all about me.   There have been some wonderful things happening in the family too in the last few days.  I have been boasting about them too much, and am going to stop, after this one big final boast:  Our eldest daughter has been elected Form Captain.  And the younger one just received her Blue Peter Badge!  (There have been some other little accolades too, but I am going to keep quiet about those - I don't want to bring my children into the picture too much, although they are so essential a part of my recovery and my happiness (which is, I think, the same thing) that I can't help mentioning them occasionally.)

The whole family was yelling with excitement this morning as the Blue Peter envelope was torn open.  We were all shouting, 'It's a Blue Peter badge!  Wow!  Hurrah!' and so on.  And our elder son (who doesn't say a lot but is often right on target when he does) announced,   'I think I am going to faint'. 

Little daughter and I and her friend and the dog then went for a walk on the beach.  She refused to do her coat up, because she wanted the badge to show, and as it happened it was so warm on the beach, sheltered from the wind, that she didn't need to.  We had a lovely stroll, the girls beachcombed and found lots of shells and some gross but interesting crab legs, complete with pincers (perfect design on those things).

So that's the day so far.  A Top Saturday.

All the best to you out there
Louise x


  1. Lovely lovely, thanks for sharing the day, the accolades, the beach.
    You know, when the writing looks better with distance, that you too have done an excellent job. Let it stand for itself.

  2. Thanks Smitty, good to hear from you again. Louise x