Thursday, 12 January 2012

Schizophrenia at the Hospital

Hi all

Hasten the day when I don't have to use the cursed 'S' word to draw attention to my posts!  If the Schizophrenia Commission do abolish the diagnosis, that would be brilliant and amazing.  Unfortunately I am not sure if it is even within their remit - but if they wanted to take one huge step forward for all those who have and who are suffering mental illness, that is the best and easiest way.  I know, I keep reiterating the same point, but who knows, today might be the day when somebody from the Commission, doing some internet research, chances across this blog.

Anybody who hasn't yet completed the survey on the Schizophrenia Commission's website, please do so.  The more people participate, the better chance we have of being heard.  I will post a proper link later, but am short of time now.  I had hoped to do a final edit of my memoir today - there are still some typos, despite the fact that I have edited twice since it went onto Amazon.  It will take me several hours to do it properly, so I had earmarked today, because Toddler is at play school.  However, I have to take my Mum to the hospital - don't have to, I offered - to have a 24 hour heart monitor fitted.  Which will take up most of my day, but it feels necessary.  It will make it easier for her if I drive her, so she doesn't have to worry about parking and so on.

For those of you who read about her TIA just over a month ago (or who know me) Mum is now doing fine.  She has the monitor fitted today, then goes back to the hospital tomorrow for the results of that and also to find out the results of all the other tests she had after the incident.

I am taking our dog to the vet tomorrow, to get her checked to ensure that she is healthy enough to carry a litter.  I have found her a prospective partner.  The children are all immensely excited at the possibility of puppies.  Watch this space!   

Better go now, I will try to write more later.  This blog post sounds more like a round robin today than anything with any kind of insight into mental health - apologies for that, and also for the fact my English is not 100% because I am so rushed.

Louise x

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