Sunday, 15 January 2012

Surviving Schizophrenia: A Memoir by Louise Gillettt

Hi Everybody

Have re-named my memoir - I think the new title is clearer.  It was easy and quick to change on Amazon Kindle, although for some reason the new cover has not uploaded, so the original title is still on the cover picture.  I don't suppose it matters.

I have been editing the book this weekend, because a few typos remained.  Also, I have added an index because I was told this will make the book easier to read on Kindle. 

I want to get a paper copy out soon - have wanted to for ages - but I will have to make sure there are definitely no more lurking typos when I do.  It seems that the easiest way would be to publish on demand through Amazon.  Unfortunately the cost of the book would have to be set quite high - ten pounds at least .  But at least that will give people the option of buying a paper copy.  Will keep you all posted on that. 

I intend to get on with writing some new stuff now.  I like the freedom of publishing through Kindle - I am in charge of what goes out and how, but I have found the necessity to publicise the writing quite wearying.  Hopefully, the more I write the easier the marketing will become, as long as I am methodical about it all.

It is very exciting to be in charge of my own destiny at last!

Hope you are all well and happy out there.

Louise x

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