Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Sunny Saturday

It has been a lovely sunny Saturday.  We all piled into the car this morning and went on a drive to a village on the outskirts of Dorset.  The ostensible aim was to go to an arts centre, where there was a kids' toy and clothes sale and a cake sale.  Luckily, the real aim was just to go on a family jaunt - luckily, because the sales weren't up to much.

We bought the kids some new bath toys and DVDs anyway, then sat outside the arts centre in a little park and ate a picnic I hastily cobbled together from the nearby supermarket.  A french baguette, still warm (gluten free bread for me, boo) quality crisps to stuff the bread with (I know 'quality' and 'crisps' are terms that do not go togther, but sometimes I choose to overlook the fact) some spring water, some oranges... Paul and I watched the kids playing in the park, and all was good.

The glow continued when we reached home - I walked the dog on the beach (the others stayed home and watched spy kids) - and happened to bump into my brother and sister-in-law walking their dog, so I had somebody to chat to, which enhanced the experience and encouraged me to go further than usual.   

I guess the correct balance in life lies somewhere between doing enough work to feel useful and having enough leisure time to appreciate life for its own sake.  I have been a bit out of synch with this recently (probably why I succumbed to the cold germs last weekend, which have hung around all week).  I am either at the computer or manically trying to stuff the washing machine full of dirty clothes, or emptying the bin or doing the school run....sorry, I won't go on.  Even when I walk the dog or read a book I am trying to do it all at speed. 

So I have decided to slow down, to appreciate all that I have.  And the major change I am going to institute is to go out as a family for one day, or part of it, every weekend.  I am plotting a trip to a theme park next Saturday, so will leave this now and go to investigate whether the place is open for the new season yet.

More soon.

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