Friday, 10 February 2012

Memoir at a new reduced price

My memoir is now available at a reduced price: £1.95, down from £5.45.  I don't know how long it will stay at this price for.  I was hesitant to reduce the price in a way - it took me many years to write the book and I think it is worth a fiver...  On the other hand, I want the book to be read and my main aim in writing it was to help other people who have suffered mental health problems to have hope for the future - hence the free promotion days every couple of weeks, when I tend to go mad on Twitter and Facebook, and all the mental health charity sites, encouraging people to take free copies. 

I like self-publishing - I like not having to wait on anybody else's decisions and the control it gives me over my own work.  However, I have been seriously considering getting an agent over the last few days, to free myself up from the marketing aspect of things.  I hate self-publcity (although I am getting used to it).

Anyway, instead of looking for an agent right now I decided to lower the price of the book, so that hopefully things will move faster, and I won't need to do so much promotion.  The lower price is for a limited time only, but I am going to see how things go, and decide my next step accordingly.

So, grab a copy, if you want one, or tell your friends if you think they might.  Here'e the link:

 Have a good day!

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