Thursday, 23 February 2012


I gave away a thousand books on my free promotion day yesterday - I am delighted to think that my book is being so widely read, or at least widely downloaded.  I have received two more reviews in the last couple of days, which is also great.

I am still working towards getting a print copy out there.  I just need to do one final edit.  On the Kindle there is lots of white space between paragraphs, but in a print book this would look odd, so I am busy closing up all the spaces.  Paul finds this frustrating - he wants me to just do it by word processing, but I see it as an opportunity to catch a few more typos on the way.  No matter how sure I am that I have got every tiny typo, another one always seems to find its way through.  And I hate that!

Anyway, the print book should be out soon.  I am going to do it on Amazon CreateSpace - seems like a good option, no wastage...  Apologies if I have written about this before.

I have been checking out the Mad in America site regularly, partly because there have been a few comments there on my recovery story, and I want to keep up with the replies.  Every time I look at the site, I get sucked in - there is so much quality information up there, all regularly updated, and new articles each day.  The site is also really easy to use.  We need a 'Mad in the UK' offshoot...

Here's the link to the Mad in America site again:  (It's on the left hand side of this page too).

I am racing against the clock today, even more than usual.  I need to head out to the shops, and the library.  I want to work on my recovery book.  I have a new job application form to fill in (for the same job because the old one got lost).  I have been sent an invitation to join a writer's network which I need to check out.

All those balls to keep juggling.  Oh well, one thing at a time.  Deep breath.     



  1. Please Louise, read the article posted on "Mad in America" by Dr Hugh Middleton on February 13th 2012. He is one of the consultant Psychiatrists working for Nottinghamshire Mental Health services.It gives me hope that one day broken down people will receive the care they deserve from Mental Health providers. but something needs to be changed first in the system.

  2. Hi there. Thanks for that pointer, I will take a look. A lot needs to be changed in the system, n'est ce que pas? But yes, there is hope, and that is why I am so glad to have written my book, and to have been featured on the Mad in America site. I feel as though I am now properly part of the activist movement for change in mental health treatment, that will improve things for so many sufferers, present and future. All the best, Louise.