Friday, 22 July 2011

Antibiotics - a medicine I actually like!

Hi all

I just went to the Gp, asked for and got some antibiotics, and I am really pleased.  The thought of sitting looking at my foot for the next three days, in pain and worrying about it all, just seemed silly.  Why not get the antibiotics now, I thought, rather than wait until Monday to see if I need them?  I have had so many antibiotics in my time - mostly for chest infections, sometimes even for acne when I was a kid.  And my children have had lots too - they are all susceptible to chest trouble, and although the GPs are notiously loathe to prescribe antibiotics these days, somehow my kids seem to get given them.  Although not nearly so so much these days - thank goodness as they grow older they get less of these complaints. 

I see antibiotics as a wonder drug - a guarantee that I or the children will get better.  On the rare occasions that the first course doesn't work, the second always does.  Which is probably partly why they do work for me - because I so strongly believe they will (odd, how knowing about the placebo effect doesn't seem to negate it).

I know antibiotics are not supposed to be so great these days - because of their role in the growth of so-called Superbugs - but they work for me, and therefore I like them.  But I just had an errant thought - I wonder whether if I had had such a positive attitude to psychaitric drugs, they would have solved all my mental health troubles?  I would probably have got hooked, though, and also suffered all the other long term side effects that these medications can and do have.  I am glad I resisted them. 

Haven't actually started the antibiotics yet.  Paul went off with Toddler an hour or two ago to get them, and they haven't come back.  I suspect they got sidetracked and went to visit the grandparents.  I hope Paul brings Toddler home and doesn't leave him there - he cheers me up no end.  Sweet little bunny...

Last day of the school term today.  By the time the next one starts I should be back on my feet and in my car - fingers tightly crossed.  I am doing some voluntary work for one of the mental health charities soon - I will blog about it when I know more.  I was feeling really strong about the recent changes in my life, but the lack of human contact for the last couple of weeks has brought me down a bit.  I will have to make a concerted effort to pull myself together.  I am not eating as healthily, either - Paul has bought hundreds of bags of crisps and I can't resist them when I know they are in the house.  And I have not been sleeping brilliantly either - I think this is probably due mostly to my lack of activity, but there's not much I can do about that.

Still, onwards and upwards, starting with the antibiotics and hopefully ending with two healed feet and a mended psyche.

Louise x

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