Friday, 29 July 2011

Fabulous song by Daniel Mackler

Hi everyone

Just in case anyone should get the impression that I am anti-Daniel Mackler - I am so not!  Here is a link to one of his amazing songs on You Tube:

And do investigate his website (link in the last post on here).

I just feel that perhaps Daniel sets the bar too high.  I think it may just be ok to do the best we can for ourselves and for our kids, and not expect ourselves or them to be perfect.  It is an imperfect world, but there is a lot of beauty and goodness out there - a lot to enjoy and savour in life.

And you can start by enjoying Daniel Mackler's wickedly good song!  (I found it this morning, and Toddler liked it too - he kept asking me to, 'Play the funny song again' but I decided once was enough - I am not sure what influence frequent repetition of these particular lyrics might have on his subconscious...)

Louise. x.


  1. I'm not anti-Daniel Mackler, but I do wonder about his distinctions between children and adults. Is there a distinction? Do our core needs as human beings ever really change?

    It's not that I disagree with his beliefs, but I fail to see how they don't apply just as much to adults as to children.

  2. You're right Eliza, and it sounds as though you have read more of Daniel's writings than I have yet. I am sure like all of us Daniel is evolving and changing (I read on somebody else's blog the other day -Ed's?- that you should change your mind to prove you have one!) and I emailed him in the hope that he would reconsider his views on parenting, because I think it is a very healing and positive process and something that nobody should rule themselves out of. Daniel was very kind in his reply and said he would be open to further discussion on the subject.

    I think all of us when we are young imagine that when we are older we will change, much more than we actually do. We all feel young inside, no matter how wrinkly we become! Personally, I have gained a good deal of calmness with age (but then I was particularly unsettled as a child) - but yes, we have the same core needs and although we can do a good deal of work on ourselves we will still always need others, and be dependent on them to some degree for our emotional well-being - we are social animals.

    Now I'm going to your blog to catch up - I only had time for a quick look yesterday.

    Louise x