Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Hi Everyone

Toddler had to have some jabs today.  He was very brave.  He shouted a bit, but that was mostly because he insisted on watching the needle or 'The pokey thing' as he referred to it, going in.  He understood that he had to have the jabs to stop him from catching some diseases, and he didn't make a fuss once it was all done.  He ate his crisps and did some 'Stamping' to make his legs feel better.  Then he asked if I would watch a video with him - which I did, for an hour and a half.  It was a very old fashioned one called 'Dog and Duck' - twelve episodes of Dog and Duck and Piano and an elephant (probably called Elephant), discovering stuff like shadows and fish and singing about it all. 

Probably one of the best hour and a halves I have spent in my life.

Toddler was in a reflexive mood afterwards.  He said pensively, 'I wish Granny could have some children'.  'Granny does have children' I told him.  'She is my Mummy, and Aunty Jane's, and Uncle Stephen's..'  'Mmm' he said.  I'm not sure he was convinced.

He has gone off to his other grandparents now.  They asked to have him for the afternoon.  And when Paul took him there they asked if they could keep him until after dinner.  I'm not surprised - if I was them I would be camping out on my doorstep to see their grandkids...Am I biased?

Anyway, I was just cooking the dinner and thinking.  I was actually thinking what a pleasure it is to cook dinner - Paul has done most of that for the last week or two.  But this afternoon he has taken Granny and our eldest daughter to the shops so Granny can help her choose a dress for a party she is going to.  Granny is just the woman for the job - she is very fashion aware.  Last week she went to help eldest daughter get her uniform for the new school, and she did a fab job of that.  She has been nicer than ever since my book came out - maybe it has done her good to know that despite everything we all love and value her.  Which she should have known, but maybe seeing it in print makes a difference.

Anyway, I have cooked paella with chorizo and chicken.  I usually pop in some peas and red pepper, but we don't have any - Paul has been in charge of the shopping too.  We have a lot of food in the cupboards, but somehow there is a dearth of things to prepare the dinner with...  Still, he has been a star - two weeks' holiday taken up with housework and stuff, and not a word of complaint (except when I have asked him to walk the dog, so I have largely delegated that task to friends who have enjoyed doing it).

I saved some of this evening's chicken for the dog, but have only put a tiny bit in with her biscuits.  I will string it out for a few days - it is quite rich, with some turmeric as well as chicken stock cubes, and I don't want to upset her tummy.  She is such a sweet little thing - but obsessed with food.  I have started putting her outside when Toddler is having a snack - she hovers far too close to him, hoping to snatch his food when he is distracted.  Sometimes she licks it when he isn't looking - uurgh - although so far he has exhibited no adverse effects.  In fact I think the whole family is healthier since we have had the dog, which I put down to her stress-reducing aura - she is furry therapy...

All just came in from shopping.  Must dash.  Louise x

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