Monday, 25 July 2011

Much Happier this Morning

Hi Everybody

I do feel better today.  Maybe because it is sunny and set to be so for much of the week - just as it should be when the children break up from school.  Fab.

Mostly, though, it is because I went to the hospital early this morning and they confirmed that the infection in my foot (if there was one) has cleared up.  Which I knew, because the pain has pretty much gone.  I am glad I got the antibiotics on Friday.  Obviously all drugs can affect your system in an adverse way, but in the case of antibiotics I think it is worth it - the benefit outweighs any negative effect. 

The doctor also confirmed that I should just try to walk normally now - confusingly he and the nurse maintained that I should not have been walking on my heels all this time, although that is what everybody else told me to do until now.  Never mind.  One of my feet seems to not want to go down straight on the ground, but there is no reason for that to happen (except subconscious fear of it hurting) so I am trying to walk normally and I am sure it will sort itself out.

It has helped to follow my eldest daughter as she walks around the house.  She is so sweet - she helpfully walks with her feet flat (as I must in my special shoes) and watching her feet go down so easily helps me to walk more naturally too.  I was tending to keep my knees locked as I did when I walked on my heels.  We would look a bit crazy to anyone else - she walking very slowly around the house, me following right behind her.  We didn't do it for long - I soon got dizzy and tired and had to lie down.  It really helped though, and I am going to do it again a little later.

We are the only two here today.  Toddler has been spirited off by his grandparents again.  Younger daughter and elder son have been taken out by a friend.  It was my son's friend's Mum who offered to take him out - my little daughter asked if she could join them.  She is terrified of being stuck inside for the whole holidays although I have assured her that won't happen!

It is surprising how much moods can change from day to day (is this just me?).  I got a bit miserable over the last week, when I was in some pain and worried about my bad foot.  I started to eat a lot of junk food (particuarly crisps) which made me feel worse after a couple of days.  Yesterday I determined to get a grip.  Started thinking more about the Alexander technique and how I was moving.  The technique helps with all sorts of stuff, including self control in all areas - I haven't had much experience of practicing it yet but have read a couple of books on the subject while I have been laid up. 

I finished off the cakes with my lunch (my friend had sent them over with some clotted cream and they were too good to miss) had the last bag of crisps too, then determined to start eating more healthily.  Paul made an excellent dinner - his cooking skills have improved a lot over the last couple of weeks and the kids are cleaning up their plates again.  So that was a good start.  Also I have to have four lots of antibiotics each day on an empty stomach, so I can't just eat all the time, which helped me to get a grip.

Amd this morning I feel so much better.  Just have to keep trying, keep learning, keep pushing on.  I have read a lot recently about how your thoughts influence your life and it is so true - if we think we are happy we are, for example.  It is so important to think of things in a positive light - particualrly for those with mental health problems, as I have said before, the starting point should always be, 'I can get better.  I will get better'. 

And now there is an ever-increasing body of evidence to show that this indeed the case - there is no reason why people with mental health difficulties should not recover and live life to their full potential.  Good-o.  More anon.  Louise. x.

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