Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bad foot

Hi all

I am a bit upset - but trying not to be.  I went to the hospital this morning to have my bandages off and my stitches out (I thought).  But the nurse looked in my notes and said the stitches were dissolvable ones - even better then.  She took the bandages and dressing off my right foot and I was amazed.  My foot looked so beautiful!  Hardly swollen, not even bruised that much.  And straight.  Like somebody else's foot.  I loved it on first sight.

Then she began to take the bandages off my other foot, and the pain was so bad I could hardly stand it.  That is the foot that has been hurting - and when I have been hobbling around it is the one that I can't seem to put straight down.  I am supposed to walk on my heels anyway, but that foot has been arching away a bit oddly and the big toe curling upwards, however hard I try to stop it from doing so.

Anyway, the nurse (who was lovely by the way) eventually managed to get the bandages off.  And whoops.  The foot is more swollen that the other, certainly by the toes.  There is still a bit of a bunion, and the toe still slants inwards a bit, more than the other side. But the worst thing is that the wound hasn't healed properly - and in the area where the skin has broken down there is also a patch where the skin is white and, to my eyes (though I didn't want to make a fuss) there is defintely less flesh than on the other foot.  I couldn't help thinking of necrotising facietis (sure that isn't spelt right.  I mean that awful flesh-eating disease). 

The nurse said it was perfectly normal to get a breakdown of the wound and that she would treat it with some silver solution and it would be fine in about a week.  But when the doctor saw it he said I may need antibiotics and that I must come back first thing on Monday morning to get it checked.  So now I am trying not to panic.

It doesn't hurt except when I try to walk on it.  But I do wish now that I had gone to the doctor a couple of days ago when I intended to - it was hurting and I wanted to get it checked, but then I decided to wait until today.  Now I am annoyed with myself about that - I should have gone, and got it treated sooner.

Anyway, I am ok.  I am tired, actually - it was a bit traumatic at the hospital.  Also I didn't sleep well again last night.  But I am sure it will all be fine - roll on Monday morning for the next development, and I just hope it doesn't hurt as much this time when they take off the bandages...

I was going to pop and see my friend when I was at the hospital - she has just had a baby.  I'm not sure I would have been allowed into the Maternity ward anyway, it wasn't visiting hours.  But anyway I sent a text to say I wasn't feeling great and would visit her and the baby another time - she was due home today in any case.  But now she has sent me a text to say they want her to stay in for another day or two - nothing serious but they want to keep an eye on the baby.  Now I wish I had made the effort to go and see her.  She must be worried, and with more cause than me.

Hope all is well with the rest of you.

Louise x  

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