Sunday, 24 July 2011

An Evening Out

Hi all

Paul and I went out last night.  I met some old school friends in a bar, he met some other friends in a pub across the road, and we all joined up later.  It certainly lifted my spirits - three hours thinking about something other than my feet was a very therapeutic experience.

I say old school friends - I met three women, two of whom I didn't remember at all (luckily they didn't remember me either) and a third who I did remember and who has recently read my book.  I had not seen her since we left school, twenty-six years ago.  She has an amazing memory - seemed to remember almost  everyone we had been to school with and also recalled things I had said and done (thirty years ago!) that I had completely forgotten. 

For example, she remembered a piece of writing I had done about a paper round (I don't remember ever having a paper round but she was convinced it was based on reality).  She also remembered me breaking down in tears at school, and eventually saying that it was about my dogs being put down.  She said she had felt at the time that my story was rather unbelievable - which was exactly why I rarely spoke about my home life in those days, because I knew it was so far removed from the common experience.

But she also pointed out that although it seemed to me that the other girls at that grammar school had a charmed life, of course they hadn't , or at least not all of them.  And the meeting also brought something else home to me - that however bad things were in the past, is is how they are now that matters, and I am more than happy with how things turned out for me.  I don't think I would change any of it now - I am sure I appreciate certain things in my life now because they are new to me - like being at the centre of a loving family. 

Anyway, it was a nice evening.  I always wanted to have more friends at school, but I always found it so difficult to communicate.  Now, touch wood, my nerves seem to be lessening all the time - an evening in company would have been a very difficult thing for me, not all that long ago, whereas now it is a pleasure.  Which, obviously, it should have always been.

I have sent my loving family out for a swim.  I wish I could go with them...but it is wonderfully peaceful here now.

Have a good day, everyone!

Louise xx

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