Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Book

Hi Everyone
I spoke to my Mum on the phone last night, for about an hour. She is being absolutely amazing about the whole thing. So that is another worry I can discard!
So relieved. But, and I am so sorry about this, the book won't be available for another 24 hours again. I spotted some typos in the text - I had put 'small talks' instead of 'small talk' at one point, repeated the word 'When', and there were a few spelling errors. I decided it's best to sort this out now. Also, at the end of chapter 17, I had written 'Sally' and it should have read 'Jane'. This is because I changed the name of my sister Jane to Sally when I was trying to change all the names a few weeks ago (the most recent occasion that I bottled out of full disclosure), and that one had slipped past me when I changed them back. Ditto later in the text it said 'Lisa' which should have been 'Debbie'.
It would have bugged me if I hadn't changed it. I hate sloppiness. This blog has been slightly sloppy in the last couple of days - I have spotted a couple of typos that I haven't changed yet, but it won't take long and I can do it anytime. Whereas if anybody bought the book in the next day or two those people might have been confused by those name errors.
I could have changed a few more things while I was at it - improved some bits in the book - but I don't want to start that, or I could be doing it forever (again). Anyway, my Mum is happy, the sister who has read it so far is happy...I am happy.
I slept very little last night though, so will definitely be getting an early night tonight. And will really definitely try very hard to not turn on the computer at all tomorrow. Would be quite ironic to have a breakdown while in the process of publishing a book about recovery...I'd really rather that didn't happen.
More anon. Sorry about the publishing blip. Hopefully I won't spot any more glaring errors - shouldn't have happened. Onwards and upwards.
'Gillett' is my maiden name by the way. My married surname is so unusual that I really couldn't use it - but the picture is me so I know that word will out (plus I put a link to the book on my Facebook page so a lot of my friends already know). I just thought, for the sake of my kids, it's maybe better like this for now.
Louise x

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