Thursday, 9 June 2011

Editing the last post

Trying to correct last post - can't. This site annoying ineptitude is annoying me. Wanted to put 'mutually appreciate one another' instead of 'have mutual appreciation of'. Hate bad grammar. Hate the fact that I can't edit the post I have just written and thus have to display my anal retentiveness by correcting it on a separate post.

On the bright side - love the fact that I am able to express myself properly here, even if the method of expression of self is rather clunky at times. I am SO much better in writing than in person! In person I just stare at people while my mind whirrs in slow motion, trying to formulate a proper answer to whatever it is they have just asked me. Not all the time, obviously (or I would get sectioned) but enough to make me feel socially inadequate. Still, working on all that. Onwards and upwards. More anon.

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