Friday, 24 June 2011

Need to leave this stuff alone!

Hi Everyone
It's late at night and I'm on the darned computer. A bit overwrought... Had some really lovely feedback from my Facebook friends today. Spoke to one sister on the phone to tell her about the book, texted another. There are still loads of people who don't know about all this, but I guess slowly that will change.
My Mum came around this afternoon, and I dropped the bombshell. Explained that I love her, etc etc. Then opened up the computer file and let her read. Two hours later, she was still sitting at the kitchen table reading, having not spoken a word to me. (Except to say 'No' when I asked if she wanted anything to eat or drink).
Meanwhile, I tidied up in the kitchen, cooked the kids' dinner, fed them and had a shower. At 6pm Paul came home and I had to leave with the girls (they have a committment on Friday evenings and sometimes I have to help out). I left Paul with Mum, still reading, and the boys. Phoned him a couple of hours later - she had finished reading and gone home.
He said she was ok. She said 'Well, there's nothing in there that isn't true' and then she went home. I haven't spoken to her since I got in, will do tomorrow though. I suppose it went as well as could be expected. I was so worried in case she was upset. But at least I told her myself and I explained it all...I've done my best.
I've been fiddling with the profile settings on here - picture should come up now. Also figured out how to follow other blogs (I must have worked this out at some point ages ago because I was already following two, one that hadn't been updated for years and one that I never read anymore).
I will add some more when I get the chance. But this weekend I want to leave the book thing alone as much as I can - be with the kids, do normal stuff, relax, stop thinking about me all the time. It's been exhausting - exhilarating, enervating....
Now it's Enough. Louise.

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