Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Morning After

Hi Everyone
Hubby (Paul!) and I were up late last night publishing the book to Kindle Amazon. I lay in bed thinking of improvements I could have made .... I suppose I will always feel that the story of my life is a work in progress - what to leave in, what to take out, how to express myself as clearly as possible...
I am going to add a photo here later - and one to the Twitter account I have just set up. Part of me is still wondering if I have been a bit foolish with all this - but I have been considering it for a long time and mostly I feel relieved that the hiding is over. It will make life a lot simpler in a lot of ways - for example I can stop trying to make everybody like me now, because some people are just never going to! There is a germ of truth in that comment, although it is not very well expressed. My excuse is the deficit in sleep.
So anyway, now it is going to be a matter of encouraging people to read the book. I believe it is well-written - if I didn't think that I couldn't have put it out there. I think it is a worthwhile read in itself, not just for the message it contains. So I am going to get on with the publicity side of things, really work to get the book read, and then see what happens.
Louise. x.

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