Monday, 20 June 2011

More about my Feet

Doesn't the title of this post just draw you in and make you want to read more? What do you mean, no?
Anyway, been to the hospital today and been given insoles to wear in my shoes. Found them extremely uncomfortable, and have given up already. Because the only thing that is going to cure my bunions is an operation, and until I am ready to go through with that I don't think there is any point in short term measures that just cause more discomfort. Bit of a shame to have wasted the NHS time and resources though.
I will have the op though. One day.
I called the agent again today and the girl on the phone said a letter was going out to me in the post today. 'A good letter or a bad letter?' I asked. She said she didn't know, that she had just seen my name on the envelope. I think it is a bad letter. Anyway, I will have to wait until tomorrow to find out for sure... This all takes so darn long. And that is just trying to get an agent - if he took the book goodness knows how long the next stage would take.
Had a chat with an old friend today - told her my diagnosis and she didn't faint with shock. So that is a step in the right direction. She said she thought I should go public with the book - that the only way stigma will stop is if we are all more open about mental health issues.
So, I think I probably will. If the agent doesn't take the work, I will just publish myself. I will contact some mental health charities, see if they can help with publicity, hammer out the final version of the book, and go for it.
Probably. Almost certainly.
Anyway, gotta go. I spent an hour the other day writing a blog post that then wouldn't post and then I lost the draft version, which made me extrememly stressed, so I have resolved not to spend too much time on this one. Hope you are all well and happy. X.

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