Sunday, 26 June 2011


Hi Everybody
Well, I slept for many hours today, so I no longer feel in danger of going round the bend. Touch wood, cross my fingers and all that stuff.
I do feel a little vulnerable though. I woke up this morning with misgivings. In the last couple of hours I have been reading through the back posts to this blog, making sure that while I was under the blanket of anonymity I hadn't said anything that might be construed as hurtful to anyone else. Then found an entry that was pretty damaging. Tried to edit it. And the darned thing won't be changed!
I don't even know if this post will publish. Seems to be something up with this site.
I am panicking somewhat. So let me try to explain (without being too specific, because I'm still hoping to be able to go back and change it later).
At times this blog has helped me to vent my feelings, which obviously would not have been vented in public. At those times I moved away from the purpose of it, which was to help others who have been through similar experiences, and used it more as a journal, an expression of my private thoughts.
So now my private thoughts are public (not all of them, luckily!) But if anybody reads anything that offends them, please remember that is just what I was thinking at the time, not necessarily what I thought the next day, or this morning. I still hope that no-one who reads this blog will find anything upsetting in it! But if they do, I hope they understand.
Louise x

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