Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I've Done It!

Hi Everybody
Well. I got the long awaited letter from the agent in today's post. It said that because they are busy with existing clients, and because they are not sure whether they could sell my book to a major publisher - Thanks, but no thanks.
Which is fine. In fact, I am quite pleased - I had grown frustrated with waiting for so long, and felt myself unable to get on with other projects in the meantime. If the agent had wanted to represent me, I would have had to wait even longer for him to sell the book to a publisher - and then if he did, wait even longer until I saw it on the shelves.
Having made up my mind at last to stop being anonymous, I just want to get on with it now.
Then hubby arrived home from work. He had seen an article on the BBC website about publishing online with Kindle Amazon. We went online and watched a video about how to do this. And already - this evening - we are publishing the book!
It should be available within 24 hours. Wow. And aargh! And wow.
So please watch this space, if you are interested, and in a very short period of time my memoir will be available in Kindle e-book form. If it sells, we will use the money to publish a paperback version as soon as possible after.
Sorry to write such an entirely self-centred post. But I really believe that this book will be useful to other sufferers and their families. I hope I am right.
All the best to everyone.
Oh, and the book is called 'Surviving Schizophrenia: A Tale of Sound and Fury'.
By Louise Gillett.
There. I've done it. x