Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Moving Forward

Hi Guys
No letter from the agent in today's post. Aagh! Well, it must be due to arrive tomorrow - a letter from London can't take more than two days. Unless they sent it second class...
Oh well. I am pretty sure it is a 'No thanks' because they would have got in touch a long time ago if they were keen. But I need the letter before I can move on. I am almost sure now that I am going to break my cover and stop posting anonymously and self-publish my book. If the agent wants to represent me then I will have to do it his way and it will definitely take a lot longer.
So, after tomorrow - time to move forward! I am stressed at the thought, but it seems to be an inevitable step.
Anyway, I will need to stop tweaking the book soon if it is going to print, and so I should be using every last second to make it the best it can be before that happens. Instead, I have spent the last two hours surfing the net.
Came up with some great sites/blogs that I want to pass on.
Rossa Forbes 'Holistic Recovery from Schizophrenia'.
Rufus May.com (this guy did a great TV film a while ago - you can view it, and other stuff on his site).
Ron Unger's blog (Google it). Erudite, interesting.
Anyway, must go now, all the best to you all. x.

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