Wednesday, 29 June 2011

To Friends!

Hi Everyone

This is not a post to my own friends, but a toast to friends in general.  For all they do, for all they mean... 

Anyway, I am a bit sleep deprived at the moment and I don't want to write a load of sentimental rubbish on here and then regret it in the cold light of day.  I am really pleased though, so far, with how my friends and family have reacted to the book and to this blog. 

Paul's parents have been fantastic.  Much better than I had hoped.  Ditto my sisters, those that I have heard from so far.  The School Mums (and Dads) don't all know - but the ones who do are fine.  They are mostly kind of avoiding the subject, which is understandable.  But I am sure if I started a dialogue with any of them they would be reasonable and kind.  Most people are.  The Mum I wrote about yesterday invited me in and we had a quick chat and everything was normal.

My Facebook page and my email inbox are bursting with messages of support and encouragement.  It has been lovely.

And of course, I do realise that although this is a huge issue for me, other people have other stuff going on.  I am not at the forefront of everybody's minds.  People will soon forget that I have a problem.  Which, again, suits me fine.

So as long as I don't go off the rails - and there is no reason why I should after all these years - things should carry on pretty much as before.  I don't intend to talk about my past history all day long to everyone I see - although I have signed up to be a Rethink Activist which means the Rethink people may call me to participate in media campaigns if and when they need me. 

My routine should settle down now.  I am going to work to get the book read, so if I get on anybody's nerves with seeming to plug it on here - sorry.  It is worth reading, I promise.  I am going to keep writing other stuff too.  And I am going to keep on with this blog - hopefully daily - with the aim of de-stigmatising mental illness and doing away with old-fashioned and outmoded psychiatric diagnoses. 

  That's all for today.  Louise. x.

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