Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Daniel Mackler's You Tube videos

Hi Everyone

I should really be asleep by now, but started to look at Daniel Mackler's You Tube videos about emotional healing and so on.  First I watched a few about self-healing - advising all the sensible stuff that I already do - eating well, sleeping plenty, writing a journal to vent my difficult emotions...  Yes, I thought to myself, I have it sussed. 

Then I looked at his advice on parenting.  Parents should not drink, smoke, take drugs or psychiatric medication.  (Tick for all of these.  I am clearly a top person).  I should not work, should bring up my own kids and not rely on childcare.  (Yup.  Feeling very smug now).  Should have sufficient resources.  (Oh yes...just about). 

But then I fell down with a resounding smack.  Because apparently I should only have one child, and I should devote all my attention to that one child.  OMG.  I have far too many children!  And to be honest, I have to admit there may be an element of truth in this, because as my earlier post today shows, my elder son has been a little sidelined for a fair while now, not because I love him any less than the others, but because he is the least demanding (although perhaps because of that, he may be the most in need of attention).

But hey, I was on the case before I saw these videos!  I am aware of my shortcomings!  I am trying to fix them! 

Anyway, I am still grateful to Daniel for making all these videos and putting them all out there for everybody to watch.  We all come at life from different angles, and in Daniel's own words, there is room for us all. 

I just hope that by some miracle my children do turn out to be ok.  It may take another twenty years or so to know for sure, but the signs are all good so far.

Louise x


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  1. OH, I just thought I would state the obvious, because I am a worrier and I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about me. Just because I don't drink, smoke etc I don't think I am whiter than white or better than any other parent. I just do what works for me. x.