Sunday, 28 August 2011

Seroquel as an official Painkiller?


I just thought I would write a few words on a subject that those of you in the UK might not have heard of:  the accidental repackaging of Seroquel as Nurofen Plus.  Apparently a wholesaler accidentally mixed up the two medications, and the Seroquel (which was incidentally the last anti-psychotic drug that I was made to take, back in 2000) was put into Nurofen packaging.  Quite a few batches of medication were affected.  There was a media announcement and a recall of the drugs last week.  I haven't yet heard of any repercussions, and of course I hope that there haven't been any, that the mistake was discovered before anybody took the wrong drug.  But I can't help wondering what the effects would have been, for a supposedly 'normal' person who took an anti-psychotic drug.  Not nice, I am sure.  Because they are just not nice drugs.

Anyway.  I am just glad I don't have to take any of that stuff these days.  Although sometimes, on bad days, I would do, if I thought it would help.  But luckily I have learned that bad days pass, all on their own.  It's called the ups and downs of life.

We had a family day out today.  It was the first time we had all been out for literally ages - apart from a couple of brief shopping expeditions.  Paul drove of course - I have still only driven on short journeys, but so far have suffered no ill effects and am hoping that the feet will recover sufficiently to carry on as normal soon.  Or eventually.

So.  We went to a Sea Life Centre, and then to see some trains.  Toddler was in his element - we seemed to do a lot more with the other children when they were young, and he has not experienced as many days out and consequently gets much more excited about them.  I have been promising him a battery operated train to go on his wooden track for ages, and finally bought it today, so when he got home he played trains with his big brother and was just so happy.  I was amazed that big brother did not complain at all about not getting a new toy - did not even appear to notice.  I still felt guilty though - but it is his birthday in less than two weeks so he will more than catch up then.

The girls have had a good day too - eldest daughter became much more relaxed than usual - in fact all of them were screaming so much in the car on the way home, laughing and singing and yelling and joking together that I ended up with a headache.  It was still good to hear it though.

Anyway.  Paul is in the process of setting up a Facebook page to publicise my book.  I will link to it here when it is done - and please, any of you who have read it already, do write a review on Amazon.  I still believe it will benefit people to read my story, to know that ordinary people can have breakdowns and can recover from them even if they have been given the damning diagnosis of schizophrenia.  I have had enough decent feedback so far to know that the book is a good read, although I don't think I will ever stop wanting to tweak and edit it further.  Once the kids are back at school I am going to work on getting it into paperback form - I will keep you posted on that too. 

Anyone who's missed it so far can find the Amazon Kindle link at the top of this page.  You can download the first eight or so chapters for free to get a taster (there are about sixty-five chapters in total, or eighty thousand words).

Thanks.  Goodnight.

Louise x

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