Saturday, 13 August 2011

Finding the Old Mummy

Hi everyone

I feel confused about the London riots...  Obviously it is a bad thing to damage and loot and to hurt people in any way.  But the 'justice' being meted out seems rather rough - six months for a first offence of opportunistic crime seems to be suddenly standard.  Will filling the prisons with rioters help anybody?  Might they be better put to work to help repair the communities which they have damaged?  Surely there should be more thought put into why on earth things went so wrong?  Rather than just succumb to the temptation to punish the perpetrators as harshly as possible?

Poor hubby has fallen asleep in the front room - I know because he is snoring really loudly.  I am in the bedroom, on my bed with my feet up.  I can still only walk slowly and stupidly and whenever I can I sit with my feet up to hasten the healing process.  However, I am starting to feel really bad about the effect this is having on the children.  My eldest boy said tonight that he wants his old Mummy back, the one that used to sing him songs at bedtime...  I am going to find that old Mummy for him and forget about my feet from now on!

On Monday I am going to the hospital to have an x-ray and a check on my feet.  I really hope that I will be told to start to move more, wear normal shoes, and so on.  The wound on my left foot has broken down a bit, gone a little septic (I squeezed out some of the pus yesterday, it seemed to make sense to do that rather than leave it to fester).  The right foot is great though - the scar is completely healed and really neat.  Although the big toe has started to get dangerously close to the second one again.  But I don't care.  I just want to get better now, get more mobile, I don't mind if I end up with bunions again.  Well obviously I care, but I would rather have mobility than beautiful feet...

Will keep you all posted.  All the best to everyone.

Louise x

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