Sunday, 21 August 2011


Hi Readers

Managed to get out to the shops today - Paul driving, of course - and got some of the back to school shopping done.  I thought I had better start it - the girls were getting a little anxious about getting their new shoes and uniforms sorted and I knew we wouldn't manage it all in one go.  Paul really does not like shopping, so it was not exactly fun, but was shopping.

We got all the older children some trainers, and Toddler got a new pair of converse-style shoes, which he adores.  I got school shoes for one child, too, and socks, and a new school skirt for another...and pyjamas for another... After six weeks I had built up quite a list of things that were needed.

Then we went along to another shop to buy curtains.  My sister-in-law had said there was a sale on in a particular shop, and having been sitting at home for so long I have been noticing that one thing we really needed  was new curtains.  And we managed that too - although my feet ached by the end of it all.

I reckon another two shopping trips should do it.  This may sound like a lot, but my stamina is not great, so it has to be broken down into chunks.  Next time, more school shoes and the remainder of the uniform.  Then finally, the schoolbags and the stationery...  I love stationery and so do my daughters, I think it must be a girl thing.  Or maybe it is just a swotty girl thing. 

I can't believe how many things I used to take for granted.  I try not to dwell on it all, but sometimes I feel so helpless, with one almost useless foot and the other nowhere near as good as it was just a few weeks ago.  I wonder what I was thinking of, having this operation in the first place.  I could walk and swim and drive before!  Now I can't!

Excuse me for having a whinge attack.  I was trying not to.  I can console you with the thought that it is nowhere near as bad as the tantrums and tears that I regaled Paul with earlier this evening.  It was the first time I completely gave in to these negative emotions...I have resigned myself to it all again now.  Lots of people go through a lot worse, it was an elective operation, and there is still hope that things will be ok, with or without another operation.  But....nothing.

On the bright side, Toddler is not coughing so far this evening.  The girls are pleased with their shopping experience.  Paul is finally getting stuck into working on his car, so there is a faint chance that it may be finished before the end of the year.  And....everything.

So long for now.

Louise x

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