Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Den Building

Hi All

The boys are building a den in the conservatory.  I have been busy writing, in bed with my feet up, but couldn't help noticing the movement of chairs, blankets and so forth about the place.  And the wonderful conversations that occur when the boys are working in harmony.  The six year old, 'I am a genius, aren't I?'.  The three year old, 'Oh yes, you are a very genius'.

I expect when I finally go and look at this den there will be chaos involved, but I am not intending to tidy up.  If I get up soon I should just about have time to get dressed, feed the troops, fling some stuff into a bag and head to the beach (we have two lifts arranged which should hopefully arrive at the same time).  We were at the beach for six hours yesterday, and although it was windy there, and cloudy too at times, it was still enjoyable.  I don't feel bad about my benign neglect of the children this morning - they are playing peacefully and I need to get some work done.  Although it still doesn't feel quite right, referring to writing as work when there is nothing of hardship about it.

I am not sure what the girls are doing.  The eldest is probably reading - she has discovered that she can download e-books from the library onto her computer and so will never be bored again.  Oh, somebody is playing the piano - must be daughter number two. 

I can see the bones in my feet again - must be a good sign.  I never realised how skinny my feet used to be until they got swollen.  In fact I have been doggedly ignoring my feet for over forty years because I didn't like the look of them - I am only starting to appreciate their good service now.  I wouldn't even care if I had my bunions back, as long as the feet worked properly again - but I know the bunions had to go for the sake of my long-term health. 

Actually, one of my feet is starting to go a bit skewiff again already - sometimes I start to panic at the thought of the bunion returning already.  It is not that bad though.  Yet.  Anyway, I am looking forward to my x-ray next week - hopefully I will be allowed to drive again.  Hurrah!  Freedom!

 All the best to all of you

Louise x

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