Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Not Good News about my Feet

Hi everyone

I was a bit disappointed at the hospital yesterday (to say the least).  Although really I knew that things weren't right - that one foot had healed better than the other - it was still disappointing to be told by the doctor that the x ray had shown that the bone had knitted in my right foot but hadn't yet healed in the left.  Especially when he then went off to show the x ray to the consultant and came back saying that it looked like the bone had lost position at the time of the operation when the screw went in, they think that is why it hasn't healed, and they may have to do a 'revision' - i.e. another operation.

Aagh!  I am honestly not sure if I would agree to have another operation, depending on how much pain I am left in.  But I don't suppose they will give me a choice...  I was also given antibiotics yesterday, because I have another infection in the wound on that foot (which is so painful that I am taking painkillers again for the first time in weeks).  So of course I am now panicking at what will happen if the antibiotics don't work - there is a word for this, for worrying unecessarily about the worst case scenario, and although I have forgotten the word I know I am guilty of it.

So, I have to rest some more.  Not a bad thing, especially if it has the desired results and the bone does knit after all.  I am just frustrated, because I wanted to get back behind the wheel (in so many ways).  If I am honest I have to admit that I supsect I may have been doing a little too much, and so not helped myself.  Although I also wish they hadn't done both feet together, because that made it so hard not to do too much - but I suppose that by doing that they saved me two operations.  Or did they? 

Oh well, nothing I can do now, except wait and see what happens.  I am not going to get glum about it, but look at the bright side.  Rest means plenty of chance to read and write, doesn't it?  So that must be good.  As for who will look after the kids while I am resting, I am sure that will work itself out.  Things seem to.

I have just written a blog post for Time to Change, although I will have to wait now and find out whether they want to use it.  If and when that happens I will link to it here.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Louise x  

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