Sunday, 25 September 2011

And back to me

Hi again

Just thought I would update:  My right foot is vastly improved from a week ago: the antibiotics are clearly doing their thing, although the foot is still a bit sore on the top.  Haven't had the appointment through from the hospital yet, which suits me as it is not my favourite place.  I have a few more days' worth of antibiotics to take, and I am really hoping that will be the end of the trauma.  I am going to rest as much as possible too, until I am positive that all this is behind me.

I am looking forward to the coming week.  The weather forecast is good (apart from tomorrow).  The three days that Toddler is at play school should be all mine - I have no particular plans, unlike last week, when all my free time was accounted for before the week had even begun.  So I should be able to write, or clean, or walk the dog, in the proportions of time which suit me (hopefully at least seventy per cent writing).  And (this may sound silly) I sorted out all my clothes yesterday, which makes me now look forward to getting dressed in the morning, knowing that I do in fact have something decent to wear.

I had got into a right state - been wearing the same stuff day in day out (I did actually change my clothes, but you would hardly have noticed).  Partly because I have to wear hard soled trainers to drive, so I had to really wear jeans all the time with them, because I had no other trousers.  So it was blue jeans or black jeans.  And my wardrobe was packed with a lot of really tatty stuff, and things that hadn't been ironed, and so on.  I had been at home so much it didn't really seem to matter what I wore.  But now that I am back on the school run I was starting to feel really shabby.

Anyway, I had a day shopping with a couple of friends yesterday.  Which was a really bad idea - I had failed to account for how much of the time you spend on your feet when you are shopping.  I got really tired and felt miserable.  Didn't want to whinge all the time, but did anyway.  Then felt worse.  But I did buy a few things - more jeans (why?!) and a pair of trousers, and a couple of tops.  Then when I got back, although my feet were killing me I ironed and sorted and chucked stuff out and generally organised my clothes.  Found some stuff I'd forgotten I owned.  Even did some sewing.  So although today I just wore jeans and a T-shirt, it wasn't because I had to.  And that helped.

There is just so much to do all the time.  It's not long since I sorted Toddler's clothes, but I need to do that again, and his elder brother's.  Need to change those in their wardrobe from summer to winter ones, although since we are apparently in for a heatwave there is now no rush.  It is easy to get caught up in the house stuff, and then neglect yourself .  I used to wonder how my sister could go around looking such a mess all the time, but now I realise it was normal - she had two young boys.  Now that her boys are grown up she shops at boutiques and dresses immaculately all the time, and it is me who lets the side down.  Not that we see each other that often (note to self, phone sister).

Anyway - mental health.  I have not been in the best of spirits really today, partly because I got tired this afternoon and had a nap.  Afternoon naps really do not suit me, I always wake up feeling out of sorts.  I need a regular night time sleep routine, but extra sleep in the day is not beneficial at all.  It makes me feel groggy.

We did have a good day though.  I gave my younger daughter and her cousin an early lesson - we do that for an hour on Sunday mornings.  I like teaching.  Walked the dog with my elder son, which was a great way to spend some time with him.  Toddler always steals his thunder. 

Had a hot lunch and a hot dinner, all together.  That was nice.  And we all watched some old film of the kids when they were little - well, even littler than they are now.  They love to see themselves when they were small, and I am not surprised - they were all so super-cute.  So, a good Sunday, really. 

I have been thinking a lot of the Alexander technique recently.  Have still not gone back to my lessons - I think I had four, or was it five, before I stopped.  I went back when my feet were still bandaged up (Paul took me) but I felt that it was too much too soon, and since then I haven't been able to drive far so I haven't gone.  Was also trying to save money - although I told myself that should really not be an issue.   I am also not sure if I can spare the time each week - that would be quite a chunk of time gone, as it is quite a drive over there and back. 

Howver, I miss it.  I feel that it was very good for my mind in particular.  I have a book, and it does help, but it is not the same as going for the sessions.  I will probably go back soon, when I am sure that I can manage the drive and that I can spare the time.  Maybe in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, enough for now.

Louise x


  1. I don't know where exactly you live, Louise, but an alternative therapy that is a one-off (no more than one visit and a check-up) that is cheaper than the AT and there are practitioners in many parts of England. This is an AP (assemblage point shift. My son and I had ours done in the Devon area near Exeter. The therapist can also treat your foot using gem lamp therapy after she's checked on your AP. You can find the information using the search tool on my blog.

  2. Thanks again, Rossa. I am not too far from there - in fact that is the locality where I did my residential writing course about a year ago. I will take a look. Louise x