Sunday, 25 September 2011


Hi everyone

A while ago I mused about putting together a wall of all the resources I have found in the couple of years that I have been doing this blog.  If you look back through these posts you will come across those that I found and mentioned - most of them just a short time ago.

I wish I had known about all this stuff earlier - that so many people have suffered from mental health problems and have recovered, that there are different and better methods of treatment out there that we may not all have heard about or tried.  So I am going to keep linking to these other sites, run by people who don't get distracted and witter on about their daily lives and the operations on their feet, people who are dedicated to helping others to get better.

Today, I am going to highlight a site called Beyond Meds.  For those of you who haven't visited it yet, it is an inspirational and invaluable resource.  Take a look:

Louise x

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