Tuesday, 27 September 2011



This 'Yo' greeting makes me smile.  My eldest daughter said that it embarrassed her when I used it, on a private email to her!  So I sent a long one, 'Yo. Yo. Yo-yo'.   Etc.  Thought it would make her giggle.  But no.  Some words are apparently beyond the pale for one's parents to use.  I can use it here though.  Ha!

I should actually be working on my new project now, but decided to check my emails...and surprise, surprise, see where I ended up.  I have only just sat down to work (ok, to write, I know this is not really work, I am just trying to make myself sound more important). 

Yesterday I did two or three hours of writing, and I really found it hard to account for the rest of my free time.  Well, a short walk with the dog turned into a long one because I bumped into a friend and we nattered for ages, but apart from that...I didn't even do any housework.  I turned on the tumble drier instead of hanging out the washing, purely to save time (I know, this is almost a criminal act, it certainly feels like one.  It was a lovely day).

Anyway, today I started off behind, because I dropped Toddler at pre-school and then went to visist a new baby.  We are lucky at the moment to have two babies in the family.  This one is just over a week old and so sweet.  I was determined to only stay half an hour and I did - I left as soon as I finished my cup of tea.  I didn't want to tire out his new Mummy, and I was also conscious that I must write in the little time that I have.  I also must clean the house today, because my younger daughter has a friend coming over after school.  Since I seem to be capable of causing embarrassment very easily these days, I want to avoid any real faux pas.

Anyway, I decided to walk the dog and get that out of the way - but bumped into a different friend, again got chatting...I now have just over two hours left to write, clean and so on. 

I have sat down to write in my summerhouse, for the first time in ages.  Usually I stay in the house, to keep the dog company.  But she is tired out anyway, will be sleeping now, so I decided to set myself up in my official writing area.  Which is wonderful - I can see the garden from here and I am surrounded my all my books and papers.  Although actually that made me feel that time was even shorter, because when I sat down out here I started to notice all the books I haven't even read yet, and all the paperwork that needs organising...  There are so many tasks to do.

Which are not getting done by me sitting here typing this...  So, more anon.

Louise x

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