Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Hi all

Toddler has finished his antibiotics and is still coughing...What to do?  He is fine in himself, but I think I will take him to the GP again if he is no better in a day or so.  She suggested asthma when I took him last time - I was hopeful that it was just a chest infection.  Anyway, he slept longer this morning and seems happier, which is good.

Apologies for the lack of posts recently - it is just that, having nothing much to write about, it seemed unecessary to jabber on.  However, it has now been nearly a week since my last post, which seems rather rude...

I am walking better, and driving slightly longer distances now.  My right foot is playing up now - a stitch got infected.  I don't much rate these 'dissolvable' stitches. 

The kids are doing ok.  Toddler loves his new play school, and my eldest has settled brilliantly into her new secondary school.  Paul has been away, but is back tonight.  Probably why I haven't posted, I have just been too tired...

The dog is a bit odd, I think she is having a phantom pregnancy.  She is whimpering, trying to make herself nests all over the place.  Seems a bit depressed.  Apparently these are classic symptoms and shouldn't last long.  I certainly hope not.  A King Charles spaniel looks doleful enough anyway, without being depressed into the bargain - it makes me feel sad whenever I look at her.  She perks up on walks though - and when Paul is back I will be able to take her out more often and for longer, so that should help.

Gosh, this is starting to read like a Round Robin, instead of a cutting-edge mental health blog.  But hopefully soon I will have more time to concentrate.  I have joined the local NHS trust and mental health forums, so I am laying the ground for something.  Not sure what yet - maybe some work (voluntary or otherwise) in the mental health field? 

Got to go now, more anon (and on and on)

Louise x  


  1. top of the morning Louise, my name is John I found your blog very helpful as I am a schizophrenic since 1969 when I a breakdown while serving in the RAF

  2. Hi John

    I am glad you have found the blog helpful. It makes me sad that servicemen who have breakdowns are labelled in this way - I am against labels of all sorts. I hope you find a way past it all.