Thursday, 22 September 2011


Hi again

I find I self-edit a lot on this blog now.  Sometimes I don't even start a post because I edit it out of existence before it reaches the page.  I know.  You wouldn't have guessed.

Anyway, I feel that I am moving again today.  Had a fairly unproductive day; a dog walk, some stress about one of the children (nothing major, the worries are all in my head and I keep having to remind myself that externally, in the actual world, everything is fine.)  Did some housework (amazing how much better a home looks when it has been hoovered).

This evening I have worked on my Time to Change blog (remember the Roadshow I helped with back in July?)  I realised the blog post had never gone up on the Time to Change site.  So I sent an email about that, and now I think it is going to be posted on the Rethink site instead (the two charities are linked).  I got an opportunity to edit the blog a bit, which I am pleased about as it was a bit dull and stilted (it may still be, but hopefully it is improved). 

Have done no work on my new, easy and fun writing project for a few days.  Which is odd, since it is new, easy and fun.  You would think that would mean there would be no reason to not just get on with it.  However, the weekend beckons.  It brings promise.

Here's to that!

Louise x   

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