Thursday, 8 September 2011


Hi all

I am so pleased it is the start of term.  Once, I could never understand people who said that.  Which makes me feel a tad guilty.  In mitigation, all four of my children love school - and do brilliantly there.  Fab little people that they are...

I had to take Toddler to the GP today.  They had some kind of emergency going on and we had to wait two hours for our appointment.  We just played and talked the whole time - he loved it.  When we finally got in to see the GP she couldn't believe how big he has grown - she hasn't seen him for ages.  She just adored him, made a total fuss of him, and he was in his element.  She gave him antibiotics - he has been struggling with a cough for several weeks now and I decided I had left it long enough, hoping it would get better by itself. 

Have had a really busy few days - have had to be all over the place sorting stuff out, mostly to do with various schools.  I have been exhuasted - and last night I thought my feet were going to drop off - but I got an early night and woke up as good as new this morning. 

The x ray showed that my left foot has still not healed - the doctor I saw this time said that they were not considering another operation though.  (?  But good.)  I have to go back again though to see the consultant - he said next week but I said I will go in two weeks' time instead, on the grounds that I am just to busy at the moment.  And I don't know what there is new that he can tell me anyway...we'll see.

I have not had much time to write recently, or to think much really, but do hold on, those of you who are checking into this blog in the hope of reading something interesting.  It may still happen!

All the best to all of you anyhow

Louise x



  1. Think about learning how to do energy healing visualizations on your foot. I have had some remarkable successes with visualizations. (The book I used was Holy Spirit for Healing, but I imagine you can learn to do this off the Internet. Very powerful stuff!