Sunday, 18 September 2011

Blinking Foot

Hi Guys

It is so not fair!  This morning I woke feeling that something was up with my right foot.  I was horrified when I looked at the scar - it had widened and reddened just at the part where it is usually the straightest and cleanest.  I took Ibuprofen at midday, but by early evening I was experiencing throbbing pain again and there is now a large red and swollen area around about half of the scar.  About the size of a double sized fifty pence piece (has it affected my brain too I wonder?  That is the best comparison point I can come up with, off the top of my head).

Luckily I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow, because I know enough about all this by now to be pretty sure that there is another infection brewing.  This one is nasty, and unexpected - there was a sore bit at the top of the scar on that foot where a stitch had become infected, but that had seemed to heal well.  I predict that tomorrow I will be given antibiotics - probably more of the same type, as they seem to work ok.  But what a pain!  That was my good foot!  It is not supposed to go wrong!

I was so sure that I was on the mend - I loved the swimming yesterday and felt that it had done me the world of good. 

Oh well.  No point moping.  I must get on with my writing, since that is one thing I can do without the use of my feet - if only I can keep up the morale.  I had a message from Sane recently about posting my 'Story' on their site, so that will be my task for tomorrow.  Onwards and upwards.

Louise x

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