Saturday, 17 September 2011

A Swim at last!

Hi Guys

Paul and I went swimming with the kids this morning.  It is ten weeks to the day since my operation.  I went in cautiously - the bottom of the pool felt unusually slippery, though I wasn't sure whether this was just because I was more conscious of the feel of it under my feet.  I don't like walking barefoot now, I tend to walk on the sides of my feet when I have nothing on them.  And I was fearful, unsure about how my feet would cope with swimming, having not been used in this way for so long.

And it was fab!  My feet loved it - my ankles too.  My ankles had grown stiff - I have started to move in funny ways, I suppose to avoid pain and minimize the risk of being hurt.  And I felt so much freer in the water.  It was just lovely.  I am going again very soon.  I feel that it will really help my recovery.

It was also nice to be doing something active with the children - I have missed swimming with them.  Although I found that I was a little moody - again probably because I was scared.  I was pleased that Paul was there to help.

I trimmed the dog today, very thoroughly.  Actually, I started it yesterday and continued today.  Her ears are quite short now, and the fur on her paws too.  I bought a Furminator to take out the excess hair from her coat.  In the end Paul had to tell me to stop - I was getting a bit obsessive.  She has got in a bit of a mess since I have been poorly - nobody else groomed her, so she needed a good blitz.  Now I will just have to do her little and often to keep her in shape.

She has been a bit sad recently - I think she is having a phantom pregnancy.  We went out this afternoon, all together, and took her with us, and she really enjoyed it - she perks up no end when she is out.

I can drive for longer periods of time now, and walk better too.  I am still unable to do certain things, like kneel comfortably, but all this is getting easier now.  Such a relief.  I have to go back to the hospital next week for a check-up, although I am reluctant to go as it is usually such a long and tedious wait in the clinic.  But I will go, and hopefully then I can draw a line under all this.

I started a new writing project on Thursday, when I finally had some time to myself.  I felt all buoyed up by it - although I haven't done any more since, so my enthusiasm has kind of waned.  I will have to see where it leads.  It is going to be fairly short and fun, and on a completely different subject from the last book, and I will probably just publish on Kindle.  Watch this space...

Anyway, enough for now.  I hope all you readers are well and happy.

Louise x  

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