Monday, 19 September 2011

I hate the Orthopaedic Clinic!


Another two hours of my life wasted in the blasted hospital clinic.  Although I did read the paper and actually completed a SuDoku puzzle (it was an easy one).  Got another ten days' worth of antibiotics.  Also came close to tears, but luckily managed not to.  The consultant (I finally saw him) said I have been unlucky.  I could have told him that.  He also said I have to go back in two weeks' time for another x ray and check up.  I probably could have told him that as well.

It is the old powerlessness thing that keeps getting me I suppose.  Plus the feeling that I am bringing all this on myself by not being positive enough.  I did try to go to sleep visualizing my foot being clean and white and healed this morning when I woke up.  I didn't sleep well, although the foot did look a bit better when I woke up.

I tend to blame myself and so I told the doctor that perhaps I had brought the infection upon myself because I had been doing too much.  But he dismissed that  and said that the foot should just not get infected at this stage, although it does happen very occasionally.

Now I am wondering if there is some other reason.  I had diabetes when I was pregnant, which means that I have a fifty per cent chance of developing it later in life.  Perhaps that is what has happened, which would help to account for the problems with my feet.  (Diabetes is well known for causing problems with feet).  I am going to check that out.

But I don't want to be a patient!  A diabetic one or a foot one or a mad one or any other sort!  Can't help feeling that all this is just not fair, though I know that is not the attitude. 

Sure I will feel better after some food and a nice cup of tea - have just had an antibiotic though so will have to wait.  Back to that medicine on an empty stomach palaver, for ten days this time.  Gawd.

Meanwhile, must soldier on.  Get the Sane thing sorted for a start, as I said I would.  Upload my 'Story' to their site, with a link to here.  

Hope this finds you all well, dear Readers.  Sorry it won't make you more cheerful.  Bye for now.

Louise x


  1. What does Louise Hay say about feet? I don't know, but maybe you should check it out. Chances are there is a psychological explanation.

  2. Thanks, I'll have a look, Rossa. I have a couple of her books, if she is the person I am thinking of. I called my friend for a whinge yesterday and she said feet are susceptible to infection because they are close to the ground. She is a very highly qualified nurse, but that didn't quite make sense to me - maybe too practical an explanation? I'm about to do a foot post now actually - a bit more interesting than usual I hope.