Saturday, 3 September 2011


Hi Guys

I have made some progress, if only in my own tiny mind. 1) I have decided on which play school to send Toddler too, and on what days.  2) I have had the foot x ray, although I have to wait until Tuesday to see the consultant who will tell me whether or not the bone has mended.  (The girl who did the x ray was impervious to my blandishments, wouldn't even give me a clue about the results.)  And 3) I went out this afternoon with Paul and the kids to a barbeque, which I enjoyed greatly. 

The barbeque was interesting (to me) for lots of reasons.  I had a headache on and off through the day, but it vanished at the barbie, which tells me that its root cause was psychological, which I had kind of guessed at about these headaches but am now sure of.  Adult conversation and good food worked such magic that only now, after an hour or so at the computer, is the headache returning (and only now that I am thinking about it, ho hum).

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time at the barbeque, which was refreshing too since it was the sort of social occasion which I would once have harboured endless anxiety over. 

Although I do still over-worry massively about all sorts of other things, I am clearly coming to terms with some issues which once seemed insurmountable - so there is hope of progress in other areas too.  Although I have taken a lot of steps backwards recently, I can now see that there is a way forward.

(Though I should add that my social skills need tuning - I think I got too relaxed at the barbie and started spouting all sorts of stuff that should have better stayed unsaid.  My private opinions are rather too unpalatable for polite company and I don't know quite what led me to air them.  I can't even use the excuse that most people have in such circumstances, of being drunk, as not a drop passed my lips as usual.  Never mind, it could have been worse, I was only talking about play schools and suchlike). 

I bought some new shoes today.  We were at the shops, and I noticed on a display outside a sports shop, a pair of pink sandals which had separators for the toes.  Not the sort which go between the toes, but a separate little strap that goes across the big toe and pulls it away from the others.  Perfect, since mine are drifting across to their old position.  Could have been custom made for me.

I nearly didn't buy them because they were quite pricey, but I am so glad that I did.  They are so pretty!   And so comfortable - I wore them all afternoon and by the time I took them off my feet actually felt better than before I had put them on.

Anyway, is any of this interesting to anybody except for me?  I think not.  So I will end it there.  More anon.

Louise x


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